Make a Splash at Your Event

We make it easy to add a fun, interactive photo experience to every event. Our solutions are perfect for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

The proof is

in the pictures.

Ready to stand out from the crowd? Your online gallery, packed with brilliant images from eager participants, will tell a powerful story about how your event was a smash hit. That means more attendees in the future, happy sponsors, and praise from clients and stakeholders.

Social Events

Our open-air photo booth is always a big win at events like fundraisers, galas, donor appreciation events, holiday parties, and more.

Campus Events

Students are only in college for a few years and the time flies. Don't let another campus event go by without a fun and engaging photo experience to capture the memories!

Awareness Campaigns

Participants capture a meaningful photo and share it with their community to show support for a cause. In the process, they are taking a simple yet powerful step toward action.

Expand the reach

of your event.

Custom photo experiences are one of the most effective tools to consistently earn grassroots traction on social media.

Attendees take photos that they want to share with your hashtag. We make it seamless and provide the tools to track the results.

Branded Images

Choose from still photo, layouts, GIF, or video and customize every image captured with your logo or overlay.

Social Sharing

Participants receive their photo or video straight to their phone, where they can easily share with your hashtag.

Lead Capture

Collect emails and phone numbers for marketing purposes while giving your guests an option to receive images instantly.

Plus, everyone

loves a great photo.

Excited about the possibilities? We are too. Contact us today for more information: